Vocations to Most Holy Trinity Monastery


The Maronite Monks of Most Holy Trinity Monastery are open to receive Catholic men who feel a call to serve God and His People in a life of prayer and Eucharistic adoration in the contemplative, monastic setting. The age limit is forty-five.

The life is basically simple and austere; a life that is truly contemplative, truly monastic and penitential, filled with the joy of our Eucharistic Lord.

With the joy and freedom of the children of God, candidates to our life are expected to be free from attachments to the world, for example, internet, email, cell phones and voice mail, ipods, ipads, and other similar “needs”. We wish always to renew ourselves in the resolve to leave the world to draw closer to God in a life of prayer, fasting, solitude and sacrifice.

There are no “days off” or “vacations” from being a monk. However, for serious reasons, such as a death or serious sickness in the immediate family, a monk may go home, provided there is not too great a burden placed upon the Monastic Community.

Those wishing to join this Eastern Catholic Monastic Community are not obliged to change rites. Ordinarily, each one retains his own rite of Baptism and receives the “indult of accomodation” from the Holy See to be Maronite in practice.

Though we are certainly open to candidates of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, at present this Community is quite “all-American”, i.e., made up of the usual American ethnic backgrounds so characteristic of the Catholic Church in the United States.

Anyone wishing to investigate our life should contact the vocation director to arrange for an initial retreat, preferably for a week. After that, he may be invited for a month’s observership. If accepted to return, a candidacy of four to six months follows. Then, petition may be made to begin the novitiate (ordinarily for one year) which, if completed, may be followed by temporary vows. After at least 3 years of temporary vows, a monk may petition for final vows.

“To the person who is seeking the meaning of life, the East offers this school which teaches one to know oneself and to be free and loved by that Jesus who says: ‘Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’ (Mt. 11:28). He tells those who are seeking inner healing to go on searching: if their intention is upright and their way is honest, in the end the Father’s face will let itself be recognized, engraved as it is in the depths of the human heart.” (Pope John Paul II: “The Light of the East” no. 12)

For information, call or write :

Vocations Director
Most Holy Trinity Monastery
67 Dugway Road
Petersham, MA 01366-9725

Tel: 978·724·3347

The Particular Schedule

5:00AM Rise
5:20 Morning Prayer followed by Adoration
7:30 Mass
After Mass Breakfast
9:10-11:30 Adoration, Spiritual Reading, Study
11:30 Midday Prayer
11:50 Dinner
12:30 Siesta/Free time
1:40-4:30 Work
4:40 Supper, Adoration, Spiritual Reading
6:20 Evening Prayer
6:50 Adoration, Spiritual Reading
8:00 Recreation (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday)
8:50 Night Prayer
10:00 Retire