Our Place in the Church

The Church has spoken to us through the Second Vatican Council:

“The venerable institution of monastic life must be carefully preserved and must shine forth increasingly in its true spirit in both East and West.

. . . The principal duty of monks is to present to the divine majesty a service at once humble and noble within the walls of the monastery.

. . . While preserving, therefore, the nature of their own institutions, they should renovate their ancient beneficent traditions and should so adapt them to the present-day needs of souls that monasteries will, as it were, carry in themselves the seeds of the growth of the Christian people.” (Decree on the Renewal of Religious Life, no. 9).

There are institutes which are entirely ordered towards contemplation, in such wise that their members give themselves over to God alone in solitude and silence, in constant prayer and willing penance. These will always have an honored place in the mystical Body of Christ, in which ‘all the members do not have the same function’ (Rom. 12:4), no matter how pressing may be the needs of the active ministry. For they offer to God an exceptional sacrifice of praise, they lend luster to God’s people with abundant fruits of holiness, they sway them by their example, and they enlarge the Church by their hidden apostolic fruitfulness.” (Decree on the Renewal of Religious Life, no.7)

The vocation to a cloistered, monastic life of Eucharistic adoration is an invitation not given to many. It is a call to enter upon the universal apostolate and ministry of prayer and reparation for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. The inner meaning of this life is essentially hidden.

The Maronite Monks of Most Holy Trinity Monastery were founded in 1978. Canonically approved by the Holy See and established on September 8, 1989, we are under the auspices of the  Maronite Catholic Eparchy (diocese) of St. Maron of Brooklyn.

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